Mountain Biking Skills


Mountain Biking Skills

We can help you perfect a number of very helpful trail skills, ranging from the effective use of brakes and gears, through to bunny hopping your way over small obstacles. Whether you are a complete beginner or intermediate rider, our staff have the skills to get you riding smoothly and more efficiently.

Mountain Bike Skills Tuition

We offer both 1:1 tuition and group sessions. Our guides can come to you* or you can come and join us on the privately owned Lulworth Estate, where we have exclusive cycling access to the numerous permissive bridleways. Our staff are happy to ride any distance (within reason), so if you just wanted to get some miles under your belt then we can help with that too. *mileage charges apply at 45p per mile.

Beginners Mountain Bike Skills


This course introduces the basic skills required during off-road riding. The course will provide techniques to enable the participant to safely negotiate their way across most varieties of terrain which will be encountered during a day’s riding, both within the UK and abroad. The course will focus on safety awareness and hazard avoidance, as well as developing general handling skills. Cost £100, maximum of four participants.

Intermediate Mountain Bike Skills


This course develops existing off-road riding skills as well as introducing new skills to enable the participants to successfully ride more demanding trails, both natural and man-made. Participants will tackle rocky and technical cross-country trails. Cost £130, maximum of four participants..